Careers in food and drink

A career in the Scottish food and drink industry offers varied opportunities, good pay, exciting prospects and a bright future.

The Scottish food and drink industry is made up of lots of different companies from major global brands through to small iconic companies. To maintain its success, the industry needs a lot more people to help innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of our customers and make changes to existing products to make them healthier, tastier and more exciting.

A World of Opportunities

Food science, marketing, IT, engineering, new product development, research, analysis, operational efficiency, microbiology, sustainability, procurement, law, PR, logistics, all of these and many more careers are all on offer within the food and drink industry.

View our career case studies and career films to find out more.

Food and drink resources for schools and industry

Through our schools work - A Future in Food, we promote the variety of food and drink careers on offer and bring together schools and industry to help deliver the curriculum by using food as a context for learning. Many resources and ideas are available for teachers to use in lesson plans and for industry to use when working with schools.

Last reviewed: 21 Sep 2017