Help us to make our contribution to a healthier Scotland

"Our industry recognises the role it plays in the nation's health and wellbeing. The industry has responded by voluntarily taking forward key areas of change that we believe can make a real difference."

They include the importance of clear nutritional information such as guideline daily amounts; finding ways to lower the salt, fat or sugar content of our products; developing 'better for you' ranges; and acting as exemplar employers through promoting healthy lifestyles within their own workplaces.

Partnership approach to tackling obesity.

The industry recognises it has a responsibility to inform consumers about the food they are eating. We are delivering progress.

"We want Government to recognise our role and work with us on mutually agreed goals, set against clear public health objectives, that take account of the progress already made" and that are designed to deliver measurable benefits for consumers and/or drive genuine behavioural changes.

Make a difference to the health of the nation.

The industry has made significant progress in reducing the levels of fat, sugar and salt in well-known products. However reducing levels of salt, fat and sugar without compromising on taste and ultimately consumer demand is a technical and costly process. SFDF is calling on the Scottish Government to commit to providing small and medium sized enterprises with technical advice and support to reformulate their products.

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Download PDF: Manifesto: Supporting our Industry. Supporting growth. Supporting Scotland.