Invest in innovation

Innovation has been key to the continuing success of the food and drink industry.

"Manufacturers are well known for investing in product innovation, however, there is a low level of technical investment in research."

In order to harness the expertise and knowledge within our university sector, there must be a greater understanding and awareness of the practical benefits that can be gained by the industry. Innovation will make our industry more profitable in the short, medium and long term. In order for that potential to be unlocked, Government must facilitate that process.

Greater access to innovation

Our industry uses product and process innovation very effectively to increase profitability. However many companies are not aware of what innovation in the broadest sense can do for them. Access to advice on innovation has to be less complex and easier for businesses to understand the practical benefit of investing in this area.

Funding for innovation.

We welcome support for businesses to invest in innovation. But there are many different funding routes available that make it difficult for businesses to know where to turn for support such as innovation vouchers, knowledge transfer partnerships, R&D grants to name a few. To improve take up of these schemes the funding routes must be simplified.

"We must also protect investment in innovation, particularly the innovation that directly impacts industry as this will encourage long term business growth."

Innovation network to improve business and academic collaboration.

Innovation has made our industry more profitable. However, as many different stakeholders have a part to play in this, the industry is calling for the creation of an Innovation Network for the Food and Drink Industry. This network would bring together the universities, the research institutes, the manufacturers and the innovators to determine what needs to be done to facilitate the discussion between academia and business but also to ensure that the industry can have a voice within the university sector.

More information

Download PDF: Manifesto: Supporting our Industry. Supporting growth. Supporting Scotland.