Create a sustainable Scotland

The food and drink manufacturing industry believes that sustainable food production can be at the heart of a strong, internationally-competitive, low-carbon economy.

"The industry has set itself a challenging Five Fold Ambition which includes targets such as increasing our 2020 CO2 reduction target to 35 per cent and to accelerate our 2015 zero landfill waste target."

That is industry's contribution. Government undoubtedly has a role in making it easier for industry to contribute further towards the sustainability agenda.

Creation of affordable recycling facilities

Access to affordable recycling facilities varies greatly across each local authority area. We are calling on the new administration to take a strategic, national perspective to the development of facilities for waste cardboard, plastic and food that avoids landfill. Government has a role in ensuring that waste and recycling facilities support our business and make it economically viable for them to find alternatives to landfill.

Make Scotland sustainable and competitive

We recognise the importance of making our contribution to making Scotland sustainable. However, it must not be to the detriment of our industry and make us uncompetitive. Government must work with industry on devising innovative ways of reducing our carbon footprint and recognise the work that is being undertaken.

"It is imperative to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental factors that will allow us to deliver progress on public policy objectives without damaging the underlying competitiveness of our industry."

More information

Download PDF: Manifesto: Supporting our Industry. Supporting growth. Supporting Scotland.