Health and Wellbeing

The food and drink manufacturing industry in Scotland recognises its role in responding to societal concerns about the health of the nation, particularly in relation to obesity. We are committed to playing an active role in finding solutions to the growing obesity problem.

Manufacturers have a reputation for demonstrating leadership in order to deliver results on diet and health. We have already delivered significant progress in areas such as:

  • front-of-pack nutrition labelling
  • workplace wellbeing
  • product reformulation to reduce levels of salt, sugar and saturated fat in our products.

Delivering Healthy Growth

Our report showcases a broad package of industry action; ranging from cutting edge processes that enable recipes to be changed to reduce salt, saturated fat and energy density, to workplace wellbeing schemes that work to improve the health of thousands of industry employees.

Work with Scottish Government Health

SFDF is working with the Scottish Government, Food Standards Scotland and others to help find solutions to the complex issues at the heart of the diet and health issues in Scotland through the delivery of the Supporting Healthy Choices framework – a voluntary initiative for industry.

The framework builds on the Scottish Government's Obesity Action Plan.

Reformulation for Health: Guidance for SMEs

We have published a guidance document for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them make their products healthier. Reformulation for Health: Guidance for SMEs provides information and guidance for food and drink producers that want to find out how reformulation could help their customers as well as their business, alongside sign-posting to other sources of practical advice and information. This new resource also sets out a five-step guide for companies to use at the start of their reformulation journey.

The publication captures some of the success stories achieved through SFDF's Reformulation Programme, funded by Scottish Government, which provided hands on, practical support to SMEs in Scotland to help them reformulate their products for health.

Reformulation Common Interest Group

Building on the success of the Reformulation Programme, we have set up a Reformulation Common Interest Group in partnership with Interface Food & Drink. The aim of the reformulation group is to encourage companies with an interest in product reformulation to work together and with academic experts to deliver healthier products. To find out more about the group, please contact Cat Hay at SFDF.

FDF Health and Wellbeing Steering Group

As an organisation, we have direct involvement in the FDF Health and Wellbeing Steering Group. Its aim is to work constructively with Government, regulators and others to help find solutions to the complex issues at the heart of the diet and health challenge.

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Last reviewed: 12 May 2020