Environmental Sustainability is a key priority for SFDF and our members.

We are taking action collectively on water, waste, energy, CO2 emissions and transport and will be launching the next stage of our sustainability strategy later this year.

It makes good business sense to be sustainable as it:

  • Increases business resilience
  • Can save businesses money
  • Improves business reputation/build trust around your products
  • Drives innovation

A collaborative Approach:

Food and Drink Industry Advisory Group on Sustainability

The group brings together those in the food and drink manufacturing sector who have responsibility for environmental sustainability in their business. SFDF is proud to co-chair this group in partnership with Interface and Zero Waste Scotland.

Scotland Food and Drink Sustainability Steering Group

SFDF sits on the Scotland Food and Drink Sustainability Group. The group brings together strategic partners to identify joint opportunities for action on energy, water, raw materials, waste and logistics.

Our publications

Five-fold Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2014

Published January 2015

This report marks the seventh anniversary of FDF's Five-fold Environmental Ambition.

Download: FDF Five-fold Environmental Ambition progress 2014 report

Sustainable Sourcing: Five Steps Towards Managing Supply Chain Risk

Sustainable sourcing

Published: December 2012 

The Sustainable Sourcing Guide sets out a step-by-step process to help food and drink manufacturing businesses of all sizes to help identify, prioritise and manage upstream supply chain risks as part of a more strategic approach towards supply chain sustainability.

Download: Sustainable Sourcing Five Steps Guide

Sustainable palm oil - Five steps to ensure responsible sourcing

Published December 2014

This simple guide sets out a step-by-step process to help food and drink manufacturers of all sizes get started on the journey of sourcing sustainable palm oil.

Download the Sustainable palm oil - Five steps to ensure responsible sourcing

Every Last Drop - Saving water along the food supply chainFive-fold cover

Published December 2011

Every Last Drop aims to raise awareness amongst food and drink companies of the issue of water stress, and to provide practical easily-accessible guidance on how businesses can be more water efficient across four key areas: the supply chain, operations, the boardroom and the individual at home.

Download leaflet: Every Last Drop

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