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FDF's Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2016

Published February 2017

This progress report highlights the collective environmental progress our members achieved under the Five-Fold Environmental Ambition, and are taking forward under Ambition 2025.

Ambition 2025 - Shaping Sustainable Value Chains

Published October 2016

FDF's 'Ambition 2025 – shaping sustainable value chains' is the next step on our journey to help deliver a sustainable food system into the future. It is a journey that will see our industry continue to take a leading role to further improve resource efficiencies and address the wider sustainability agenda.

Pictorial Representation guidance

Published September 2016

This resource provides food businesses with advice on what to consider when declaring a pictorial representation of a food ingredient on the label of a pre-packed product.

Reformulation guide - Spotlight on Sugars - for small to medium sized companies

Published August 2016

A free reformulation guide for small and medium sized companies developed by Leatherhead Food Research (LFR).

This new guidance sets out the regulatory framework covering the reduction of sugars, key considerations when reducing sugars or using sugar replacers and factors affecting the consumer acceptability of sugar replacers. The guide covers the different challenges and opportunities in reducing sugars in the soft drinks, dairy and baked goods categories, and also discusses ingredient and labelling considerations.

Food and drink manufacturing priorities for a new UK-EU relationship

Published July 2016

FDF has published its first manifesto which sets out food and drink manufacturers' key priorities for the negotiations on the UK's new relationship with the European Union. This document includes the key short and longer-term actions the largest manufacturing sector – food and drink requires if it is to remain competitive and successful.

Unlocking talent – The key to driving food and drink productivity

Published July 2016

The food and drink sector has a strong record on productivity growth, outstripping overall UK productivity and many global competitors. The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, working alongside apetito, Butt Foods, Nestlé, Mars, Mondeléz International and Premier Foods, have identified essential steps to maintaining the talent pipeline.

The key findings and business actions under the project, which forms part of Sir Charlie Mayfield's Government Productivity Review, have been captured in a report - 'Unlocking Talent – The Key to Driving Food and Drink Productivity'.

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