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Guidance for SMEs providing information for food and drink producers that want to find out how reformulation could help their customers as well as their business.

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Maureen Watt, MSP - Minister for Public Health, Scottish Government

Maureen Watt MSPIn Scotland, poor diet and excessive consumption of food and drink can lead directly to high rates of preventable disease. The most recent figures show that we are still consuming too much sugar, salt and saturated fat when compared to the Scottish Dietary Goals. Serious action has to be taken across a number of fronts to tackle this issue if we want our country to become healthier and more prosperous.

While there is a role for government, its agencies, third sector and consumers, there is a growing understanding of the important role that the food industry can play in addressing our poor dietary health. Earlier this year, we launched Supporting Healthy Choices, a voluntary framework that invites the food industry to work in partnership with government in Scotland. The document sets out 17 commitments for all parties, including government, that will begin to make the necessary shift in our diet.

One of these commitments is around the reformulation of products. The industry has provided excellent examples of innovation in this area, notably in the systematic reduction and removal of trans fats and in the reduction of salt in order to meet targets set by the Food Standards Agency.

Many of the larger companies have made significant progress in this area and we continue to encourage them to do more as per the commitments in Supporting Healthy Choices.

In the spirit of our aspiration to become a Good Food Nation, we should celebrate such success. Reformulation is, however, not just for the large multinationals. It is equally as important that the small and medium-sized businesses, many of them home grown, are also driving the reformulation agenda forward.

This document is an example of what can be achieved when industry and government work together. It is an important milestone in a collaboration between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Food and Drink Federation in a three-year programme that has provided support to small and medium-sized companies on reformulation.

The booklet shows how small and medium-sized businesses have made changes to their production processes and the impact of these changes. It demonstrates also that although the companies themselves may be small, their influence over the sector and impact on consumers can be great.

I hope that what you read in these pages will inspire further innovation in reformulation. There is much more work to be done but together we can play our part to make Scotland a healthier nation.

Foreword by DR Colette Backwell - Director, SFDF


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Last reviewed: 07 Mar 2017