Bringing Scotland's schools and food and drink
companies together

Benefits for Industry

Bringing Scotland's schools and food and drink companies together.

Working with schools can benefit food and drink companies and their staff in the following ways:

  • Help to establish the food and drink industry as a “Career Destination of Choice” and encourage the next generation of recruits into the industry
  • Develop links with local schools and potential recruits
  • Enable industry to better understand the ducation system and the new curriculum
  • Help young people and teachers to understand the morern food industry and the skills required by employers
  • Support staff development including; improving confidence, communication and planning skills
  • Promote confidence and pride in staff
  • Practical way to support the local community and develop corporate social responsibility
  • Help to identify what customers and future consumers want
  • Link to experiential education
  • Networking opportunities

Some inspiring words from our school and industry participants

It's well better than school

Pupil, Chryston High School

Last reviewed: 24 Jul 2018