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The Ultimate Food and Drink Challenge

The Ultimate Food and Drink Challenge is a comprehensive programme which aims to take pupils through the whole process involved with developing and selling a food or drink product.

There are 3 Challenges to choose from depending on the type of product which fits best with pupils interests and resources available:

  1. Ultimate Oatcake Challenge
  2. The Ultimate Sausage Challenge
  3. The Ultimate Smoothie Challenge

The programme materials can also be used as standalone resources, with the option to focus on just one area or use just one activity.

You can also choose to develop a different product to the ones suggested above and use the materials to support this product development activity.

This guidance is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to all of the issues and areas of the food industry, but rather to highlight some of the areas which may be of interest to teachers and pupils, and to suggest areas of further study and investigation if required.

Whilst we are happy for you to use these resources in the context of a learning activity they shouldn't be used for financial gain or to promote other programmes.

Please provide any feedback that you may have on these resources to