Bringing Scotland's schools and food and drink companies together

Resources for schools and industry

Through our schools work A Future in Food, many resources have been developed both for teachers to use in the classroom and for industry to use when working with schools.

The following materials have been used by partners to provide realistic experiences for the pupils to support specific learning outcomes and interdisciplinary learning.

The resources are free to download and we have made these available for schools and industry to use to deliver similar activities. Feel free to adapt for your own use, or to provide ideas for your own activities. We have also created some tips for food and drink companies when working with schools.

Key messages about working in the food and drink industry in Scotland: A practical guide

There are many exciting reasons to work in food and drink. For a start, there's a huge choice of career paths.

There are opportunities to work locally and across the globe. There are jobs available straight from school, college or uni, or openings for those who want a career change. Careers include working outdoors, being part of a team or building a business empire.

Working in food and drink means being part of something great! That's because when it comes to food and drink, Scotland cooks up a feast. Food and drink is one of Scotland's best-performing sectors and we export our whisky, seafood, meat, baking and other produce to over 105 countries. We're also doing world-class work around food and drink ideas and innovation, and new trends, how we manage the environment, health and wellbeing, and convenience.

We need people who promote careers to understand the great careers and opportunities on offer in our sector.

We have developed these resources to help career influencers understand the size and scale of the agri-food industry, the careers available, and the skills required. These materials will support you to promote the industry positively and consistently to potential recruits.


With thanks to:
The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership
Skills Development Scotland
Lantra Scotland
The National Skills Academy Food and Drink
The Scottish Government

Ultimate Food and Drink Challenge

A programme aiming to take pupils through the whole process of developing and selling a food or drink product.

Understanding and using food labels

food label 
coverFDF Scotland has created an exciting new resource to help teachers and pupils understand how to read food labels and make informed and educated food choices. Pupils and teachers will learn what information legally needs to be on a food label; the 14 food and substances that commonly cause allergic reactions and where to find them on the label; and how to read ingredients lists and nutrition information.


Hard copies of the posters are available by request, please email

Career infographics

With support from Skills Development Scotland, FDF Scotland has developed this resource highlighting the variety of progression routes, pathways and qualifications available to support a career in food and drink.

Infographic: Who makes a can of soup

School and industry partnership case studies

These case studies highlight examples of schools and industry working together to bring the curriculum to life using food as a context for learning. Schools can use these as inspiration when working with a food and drink company.

Love Food Hate Waste education pack

Minimising the impact of food and drink production on our environment continues to be a top priority for the food and drink industry. Zero Waste Scotland has created resources that will help young people understand the importance of reducing food waste. These can be used in conjunction with our resources and schools programmes.

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Whilst we are happy for you to use any of the resources listed on this page in the context of a learning activity they shouldn't be used for financial gain or to promote other programmes. Please provide any feedback that you may have on these resources to

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