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FDF Scotland is structured so that it is able to respond to the issues and challenges shaping the world in which our members operate.

Our technical expertise and deep understanding of industry issues, as well as a clear focus on the policy areas that have the biggest impact on the industry, ensures we are well placed to deliver results for our members.

Our membership comprises manufacturers of all sizes as well as trade associations dealing with specific sectors of the industry. In representing the interests of our members, we are focusing on the following core priorities:

Exiting the EU
FDF is focused on influencing negotiations and making sure food and drink - the UK's largest manufacturing sector - is viewed as an economic priority by the UK and Scottish Governments.

Diet and health in Scotland
FDF Scotland and our members take the health of the Scottish people and wider population very seriously - particularly in relation to rising obesity levels. Obesity is a complicated issue and there is no single solution. A balanced, evidence-based approach covering diet, education and lifestyle is needed to make a real difference.
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Sustainability is about achieving a better quality of life for everyone. Our members are committed to making a significant contribution to improving the environment.
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Careers in food and drink
A career in food and drink offers varied opportunities, good pay, exciting prospects and a bright future. However the food and drink manufacturing industry faces a skills gap, we need 19,000 new recruits by 2024 to meet the skills need of the sector. Therefore promoting careers in food and drink is a top priority.
Through our skills initiative - A Future in Food, we help educators, students and parents better understand the food and drink industry in Scotland, highlight the wide variety of careers on offer and the routes to access them.

Underpinning all this work is our commitment to communicate effectively industry's values, concerns and achievements to all stakeholders.

We are always looking at ways of improving further the services we offer to our members to ensure we continue to deliver outstanding results for them in ever more challenging circumstances.