Improve cost, environmental & operational performance

By combining our expertise with the power of distributed energy, we can help you to become more efficient, resilient and sustainable – on your pathway to a low-carbon future.

We provide full energy lifecycle support across insights; optimisation; efficiency; on-site generation & renewables; supply and trading, and electric vehicle enablement.

Benefit from our international footprint, expertise and flexible finance.

Control your costs

Improve energy & operational efficiency, reduce costs & get the most out of your resources with data-led decision making that optimises your energy supply.

Improve Business Resilience

We'll protect your sites from energy supply disruption to keep your business on 24/7 and safeguard you against commercial, regulatory and market risks

Realise your Pathway to Net Zero

We can help you develop, implement & finance a sustainable, growth-oriented energy strategy – to decarbonise your business and supply chain.

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5 Opportunities to Reduce your energy costs

Discover 5 proven opportunities to achieve cost efficiencies and meet carbon reduction targets – without spending large sums of money.


  • 5 energy saving solutions to help you control and reduce costs.

  • How to deploy distributed energy solutions for better commercial and environmental performance.

  • How other manufacturers are capitalising on energy opportunities to deliver cost and carbon savings.
  • How Centrica Business Solutions can support and finance your distributed energy projects.



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“We were impressed by the technical innovation Centrica Business Solutions showed. They gave us complete peace of mind, carrying out detailed site evaluations and managing a full installation. We now have plans to work on similar projects at four other sites.”

Bakery Sustainability Manager