Our Mission – To reduce food insecurity and protect the planet by diverting quality, nutritious, edible surplus food from waste and redistributing it to those facing food poverty.

Our Vision – Cities where all people have access to fresh, nourishing food and no good food is wasted from within the food supply chain.

Sharing food – nourishing others – is one of the simplest, most powerful ways of showing we care. City Harvest is committed to doing just that, across London and beyond.

In doing so, we help solve some of London’s biggest problems: Waste. Inequality. Isolation.

By re-distributing food that would otherwise be wasted, we make businesses more sustainable and more impactful. We take food to grassroots organisations that feed some of our most vulnerable and deserving fellow Londoners: The oldest. The youngest. The newest arrivals and the people with the deepest roots in the city.

We connect communities.

Our drivers become the lifeblood of a network that connects people from all walks of life and makes for a happier, healthier, safer city for all.

Who we support

City Harvest puts surplus food to good use in a sustainable way by delivering free food for over 1 million meals a month to 350+ charities, including; children’s programmes, food banks, refuges for women fleeing domestic violence and families fleeing war-torn countries, and local groups across London welcoming the elderly and isolated.

Our Reach

Part of a national distributon network, City Harevest sources food from all over the UK. Our geographic presence ensures we reach London’s most deprived areas with the most nutritious food possible. Acton is home to our 13,000 sf. HQ depot with easy access to many food manufacturers and distributors. City Harvest has an East London strategic satellite site in New Spitalfields Market providing access to large volumes of fresh produce.

Social Impact for Stakeholders - SROI

Rescuing Food, people and Planet. As a sustainable solution, City Harvest and its partners proudly join together to generate positive social impact, supporting those most in need and rescuing food, people, and the planet. Every £1 donated generates £12 in social return. City Harvest’s Value Reports show the value of food redistribution with our own IP and research demonstrating our focus on data led decision making as a charity.

Special offer

Free surplus food service, with huge social and ESG impact. We work alongside the food industry to help reduce their waste – cost free.

To arrange a collection or delivery of surplus food contact the food team food@cityharvest.org.uk

Working with City Harvest is so easy, we recommend them to other companies as a sustainable solution to surplus food.

Head of Sustainability, Sysco

More information

Website: www.cityharvest.org.uk

Twitter: @cityharvest_LDN

Linkedin: City Harvest London