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Dyson is a global research and technology company with engineering, research, development, manufacturing and testing operations in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia, Japan, the US, Mexico, China and the Philippines. Having started in a coach house in the UK, Dyson has consistently grown since it was established in 1993. Today, it has a global headquarters in Singapore and two technology campuses in the UK spanning over 800 acres in Malmesbury and Hullavington, alongside 10 engineering and research hubs around the world. Dyson remains family-owned and employs over 13,000 people globally including 6,000 engineers and scientists. It sells products in 84 markets internationally in over 340 Dyson Demo stores, as well as online through pioneering digital tools and virtual experiences.

Dyson is investing £2.75bn in the business to conceive revolutionary products and technologies. Dyson has global teams of engineers, scientists and software developers focused on the development of solid-state battery cells, high-speed electric digital motors, sensing and vision systems, robotics, machine learning technologies and A.I. investment. Since inventing the first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner - DC01- in 1993, Dyson has created problem solving technologies for haircare, air purification, robotics, lighting and hand drying.

The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology is a new model for engineering education combining the academic rigour of a traditional university with hands-on and real-world experience of working on real products and technologies inside a global technology company. Dyson undergraduates are paid a salary from day one and pay no tuition fees.

The James Dyson Foundation was founded in 2002 and the charity works internationally to empower aspiring engineers, support engineering in education and invest in medical research and has donated over £135m to charitable causes to date. The James Dyson Award is the Foundation’s annual international design competition and is open to current and recent design and engineering students. Since starting in 2005, the Award has supported nearly 250 inventions, providing funds to support their commercialisation. 65% of international winners have successfully commercialised their projects, against a backdrop where 90% of start-ups fail.

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How Dyson can support your business

  • Help meet hygienic and sustainability goals with Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers – hygienically drying hands with clean air and without paper waste. Touch-free sensors detect the presence of hands to trigger the release of HEPA-purified air. Eliminating the need for single-use paper towels, while creating a better environment in your washrooms and the world outside.
  • Calculate your carbon footprint and cost savings with Dyson technology with a bespoke Cost and Carbon comparison.
  • Available via leasing directly with Dyson. Find out more here or contact us at workplace@dyson.com