We manage supply chains for the world’s leading brands

EV Cargo, named as one of the top logistics services providers as ranked by CILT (UK), provides a global technology-enabled supply chain management and logistics execution platform for the world’s leading brands. EV Cargo’s experienced team of 2,900 employees worldwide offer unique mission-critical end-to-end supply chain solutions to more than 9,000 customers across the retail, consumer and industrial sectors. EV Cargo’s global network includes direct investments in 25 countries and further operational coverage through partners in 150 countries. For 2021, EV Cargo’s revenue surpassed $1.5 billion with more than $100 million of earnings, moving more than $32 billion of merchandise between 700 country pairs.

EV Cargo is a purpose-led organization focused on powering the global economy. EV Cargo manages supply chains for the world’s leading brands, which includes the flow of goods, data and funds on behalf of pioneering businesses of all sizes. Guided by its core values of growth, innovation and sustainability, EV Cargo is committed to its vision of driving the digital transformation of logistics, through its proprietary tech platform ONE EV Cargo. When matched with the insight of EV Cargo subject matter experts, the company provides a unique technology-enabled service and acts as a digital hub enabling global trade.

EV Cargo’s core business model is to provide supply chain management and technology solutions across air, ocean, road and rail; through freight forwarding, freight management, contract logistics and SaaS software services. EV Cargo has particular strength and expertise in the flow of goods from Asia into Western Europe, especially into the United Kingdom, feeding into a substantial and fully integrated logistics platform of warehousing, fulfilment and multimodal final mile delivery solutions.

Driving Sustainability

In recent years, sustainability has become a fundamental pillar of every business. As the global focus on environmental concerns intensifies, organisations recognise the importance of integrating sustainable practices into their day-to-day operations. 

Food and drink manufacturers can drive sustainability by adopting alternative fuels for transport and optimising supply chains. By transitioning to electric, hydrogen, or biofuel-powered vehicles, they can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, minimising empty miles travelled through efficient route planning ensures resource optimisation, transforming your operations into a greener, more efficient model.

Discover how EV Cargo can revolutionise your sustainable logistics activities.

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More information

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