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Discover Food Safety and Quality

PerkinElmer provides a complete range of food testing solutions that are used extensively for production control and quality assurance as well as research. Our products have a long history throughout several end markets in the food and beverage industry such as Dairy, Grain, Meat & Seafood and Processed Food.”

On-site and contract testing laboratories can find a broad range of food safety solutions to:

  • Detect harmful levels of toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • Ensure accurate labelling and compliance with regulations around the globe
  • Evaluate the quality of raw materials prior to food processing
  • Meet targets of nutritional content and maintain standards for flavours and aroma
  • Understand how food packaging affects the food it contains

Our technology allows us to read the story that every food product has to tell, regardless of the concentration or the structure of the analytes, or the dimension of the molecules on major or minor ingredients.

We have the capabilities to deliver solutions to check if there are food additives to enhance safety and quality characteristics and to identify if the food has been contaminated by pesticides, veterinary drugs, antibiotics, hormones, mycotoxins, allergens or other residues.

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