Power resilience for a net zero world

With continued commitment and investment into research and development, Powerstar is at the forefront of engineering excellence within the energy industry. This has led Powerstar to become a leading provider of advanced behind-the-meter battery energy storage applications to provide complete power resilience with area-wide uninterruptible powers supply (UPS), and support companies on their path to Net Zero. This is increasingly important in a world reliant on rapid electrification and digitalisation.

“Powerstar has been a major part of our comprehensive energy efficiency programme. It is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to instantly save energy and therefore we would highly recommend Powerstar.”

Mark Orpin

Head of Energy Management, ASDA Supermarkets

Do you have a plan in place to combat rising energy costs?

Energy prices are hitting a record high as we head into winter. Your business will feel the effects of this directly in its profit margins, especially if your operations are energy intensive.

Powerstar’s patented technology reduces your electricity consumption to make sure you only pay for what you need, and ensures your electrical equipment is operating as efficiently as possible at the correct voltage level.

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