Why RSM?

As the impact of the coronavirus continues to reveal itself, it is clear that food and drink businesses are up against a variety of challenges. We have a national team dedicated to supporting growth and minimising risk for the UK food and drink sector which enables us to understand the challenges that the industry faces politically and practically.

The challenges some of our food and drink clients are facing:

  • Political pressures and consumer demands – A heightened focus on the role of plastics in packaging and both political and consumer concerns regarding health and obesity rates mean many businesses are continuing to innovate in order to meet changing consumer demands.

  • Gaining access to finance – The coronavirus has impacted many businesses and the phrase “cash is king” has never been more applicable. We have a wealth of experience in gaining access to finance from external sources and optimising cash positions through working capital practices and tax reliefs.

  • Technology – Reliance on digital technologies has greatly increased in recent months due to COVID-19. Our experts can explain how technology can help in relation to engaging with employees, responding to customer needs, gathering and analysing data intelligently, monitoring business performance and adapting quickly during uncertain times.

Our knowledge of the industry enables us to provide the most practical advice to our clients and ensures that they can continue to remain competitive. 

More information

Website address: www.rsmuk.com

LinkedIn: @RSM UK

Twitter: @RSMUK

Special offer to FDF members

Over the past few months we have run a number of virtual round table forums with our clients. These are an opportunity for decision makers from the food and drink industry to discuss and share practical advice on how each of you are responding to this Covid-19 crisis.

If you would like to take part in one of these forums then please contact Ben Horseman via email at ben.horseman@rsmuk.com

We will continue to provide useful insights on critical areas relating to coronavirus, including reliefs for business, funding and business continuity, to ensure that you are kept up to date.


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