Specialist commercial auditors serving the Grocery supply chain

Supermarkets have long conducted Goods for resale audits using external third-party specialist auditors, generating significant annual revenues doing so. Historically this has been unidirectional, with suppliers simply validating the claims presented, but with no visibility, or re-imbursement of any monies that might be due back to them.

Salitix are the specialist ‘sales’ auditors who address this imbalance, conducting supplier focused audits to identify promotional overfunds, or trading errors due back to them. Salitix have developed the relationships, audit principles and reconciliation methodologies that enable a variety of suppliers to both defend, but also make counter claims where a supermarket instigates an audit. Salitix have extensive experience analysing and reconciling a broad range of promotional contracts and joint business plans, as well a range of commercial contracts with supply chain providers, like logistics companies, raw material suppliers up and down the supply chain.

Salitix provides peace of mind, a sense check and insight into best practice, all while freeing up valuable resource internally to focus on the day to day trading issues that are really important.

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In general our clients get 99.9% of their accounting right, while we help them identify the remaining 0.1% of errors that can be uneconomical to invest resource identifying. It’s good to know you have 100% of your margin in your bank account, not your customers.

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If your business suffers ‘goods for re-sale’ audit claims from Grocery customers that you are struggling to defend, please contact us for a free appraisal about how you can level the playing field.

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