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Restructuring your UK/EU Supply Chain Post-Brexit with Unsworth

Who are Unsworth?

Unsworth are a technology-based freight forwarder, specialising in ocean, air and ground freight services, with advanced, digital supply chain solutions.

We are recognized by regional governing bodies, such as the Department of International Trade here in the UK and Nord France Invest based in the Haute-de-France region as key players in the UK-EU Calais corridor, thanks to our customs compliance solutions.

Key Challenges

Operating on a global level in the current times proposes a number of challenges. Brexit has only continued to add a number of pressures to an already heavily strained industry. Currently, we’re seeing businesses struggle with the complexity of customs processes, the huge administrative burden and the challenges around delays and delivery times.

Restructure your supply chain and achieve frictionless trade

We are currently supporting over 40% of the UK’s Product of Animal Origin exports by reengineering our client’s supply chains within the EU to help them remain competitive within the EU and allow them to continue trading as they did before.

We know the importance of clarity within the processes, ensuring customers are clear on costs and paperwork related to the new border controls. We encourage any traders to appoint the right type of customs broker, who is ready to protect your interests and help take the strain of the entire import/export processes away from your business, allowing you to focus on buying and selling.

Northern France as your gateway

The reality from a fiscal perspective is that b2b transactions are no longer seen as intracommunity movements but as imports and exports between the UK and EU, however, we have been helping clients with continuing to sell their products and services in every European Union member state, without establishing a presence in that country.

Our top tips on this include establishing a unique point of entry, such as France; making your company the importer of record; and to sell DDP to or through France.

We do this by using two solutions and both have the same starting point: the UK companies are the importer of record in the EU, selling to their EU customers as if Brexit never happened.

We work with French-based partners, such as RM Boulanger, our fiscal representatives and tax agents; and UCustoms, our French-based customs broker. Together, we review operations to solidfy this process.

We connect our clients with our partners to help streamline the process, ensure everything runs smoothly and take the strain away from our customers.

We want to emphasise just how easy it is to import into France – there is no need to deal with each customs authority in the countries of destination and allows our customers to really stay focused on their business.

Many businesses assume that the processes are far more complex than they are, especially when it comes to food and fishery products, however, we have been helping customers transport their goods with ease and enabled them to move in free circulation as they once were pre-Brexit.

We are ready to compliment your organisation and help with all global trade compliance & customs issues.

Thanks to our highly specialised staff and digital customs management tools, we can help you to overcome Brexit-related challenges with ease.

Unsworth services include:

  • Management and consolidation of your broker network
  • Facilitating the clearance of goods through customs processes
  • Navigating complex and continuously changing import, export and customs regulations
  • Supporting data loading processes, from checking, correcting and completing to ensure compliancy
  • Streamlining communication processes across all teams, including key stakeholders
  • Digitising movements to establish a central control tower, with full visibility of your trade data, including key documentation through our intuitive real-time customs management platform

What you can gain by working with us:

  • Access to the most qualified customs and trade compliance experts
  • The opportunity to streamline and optimise the execution time and quality of operational processes
  • The ability to significantly reduce the amount of workload and costs
  • We are here to help you find the right services, people and solutions to help preserve your hard gained clients and ensure you do not lose them to competitors due to confusion caused by Brexit.

Get in touch with our team today, where we will provide a free consultation to offer guidance and support on your customs compliancy journey and allow you to understand just how simple the process can be.

Charles Hogg | Commercial Director

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Get exclusive access to vital guidance and support from the experts who are restructuring UK/EU supply chains and drastically simplifying solutions.

We are making it possible for businesses to transport goods and continue to move in free circulation as they once were pre-Brexit. 

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By appointing Unsworth as our UK customs agent, we were able to eliminate lengthy processes and we were given back a sense of control over the process.

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