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Connecting UK and Australian goods and Services across Food and Drink sector

Austrade works in partnership with other Australian government agencies, states and territories, industry bodies and private companies to provide market development support to Australian businesses looking to expand to international markets and international businesses looking to invest in Australia.

We connect dynamic, high potential, high growth Australian food and drink companies to partners in international markets, creating shared value to help both economies grow. We also work with companies that want to establish and build their business in Australia. We provide practical advice, marketing intelligence, introductions to the people you need to meet and assistance with identification of suitable investment locations and partners in Australia.

UK and Australia are like-minded democracies who believe in freedom, fairness and high standards in areas such as food and animal welfare.

Exports of food and drink between UK and Australia have significantly risen over the past 5 years, demonstrating strong demand for British and Australian products.

The growing demand for healthy, premium and convenient food products provides opportunities to capitalise on seasonality, diversity of products and innovations in the food and drink sector across both countries.
For UK food and drink companies looking to partner with or set up in Australia, it is one of the few countries in the world with the right mix of geography, climate and regulatory, policy and market settings. Australia offers reliable long-term investment returns on farmland and is a safe producer of high-quality food with strong reputation for farm R&D and innovation. Geographic proximity and close economic ties to fast growing regional markets mean Australia is an ideal base for exporting to Asia.

If you are interested in partnering with Australian food and beverage suppliers or Austrade can help you identify them - contact Alberto Oliva on +44 (0) 20 7632 0014 or

For further information about investment opportunities into Australia contact Austrade’s London office on 020 7632 0075 or email

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