Digital Transformation CO2 Offset Programme

SaaSCom provides you direct access to the highest calibre technical resources available, for the software services and solutions you need to digitise your business. Providing commercials directly from the world’s leading vendors, you will always be guaranteed the best price point for your required service.

Solutions including UCaaS, CCaaS, SDWAN, Security and Hosting services are all available.

From the purchase of these cloud IT services, SaaSCom creates a fund to pay for carbon credits for your business which is government accredited.

SaaSCom’ business model allows us to get extra value from our IT spend for the benefit of our business and our planet. A truly unique value add which we will continue to leverage.

Earn 300 Tonnes of carbon credits against each £7,500 earned in tech fund from the purchase of UCaaS, CCaaS, SDWAN, Security or Hosting Services

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