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Third-party charges

Third-party charges make over 50% of the cost of a commercial electricity supply invoice and these costs are forecast to continue rising in years to come.

During the peak times of the day – between 4pm and 7pm Monday to Friday – the DUoS charges reach their highest level – with this being at its maximum during peak winter months. Furthermore, the three Triad periods will also have a large impact if electricity is imported during these times.

DUoS Band Charges

There can be a huge difference between the Red Band DUoS rate for peak-time electricity and the Green Band. Depending on the region and the time of year, it can be as much as nine times more expensive.

The wholesale cost element of a bill is unavoidable unless a company can generate its own energy, or simply reduce consumption. With many companies having already implemented energy efficiency measures, there’s opportunities for generation – of course depending on a site’s demand.

These third-party charges can, in many cases, be avoided and that’s where Ylem Energy can help .

A Flexible Way to Guarantee Lower Electricity Costs

Ylem Energy is helping its commercial and industrial clients significantly reduce their energy bills by implementing fully-financed flexible generation, storage and control systems at their sites.

The process is straightforward, with Ylem Energy firstly analysing a site’s demand profile, then selecting appropriate technologies to lower the reliance on costly grid-supplied energy. Its Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement means that there’s no need for any capital investment from the client.

Ylem Energy owns, operates and maintains the systems, and the client simply enjoys guaranteed cost savings. 

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