The Scottish food and drink manufacturing industry is Scotland’s largest manufacturing sector, employing 47,000 people in communities across the country and with an annual turnover of £10.4 billion.

It has been a challenging couple of years for Scotland’s food and drink industry. We are working with the Scottish Government - and stakeholders from across the food supply chain - through the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership to help our sector to recover and grow sustainably into the future. 

The FDF's economic reporting is a key avenue for ensuring that the economic importance of the Scottish food and drink industry is widely recognised, as well as its potential for growth and productivity improvements.

We produce regular reports on business confidence, food and drink export performance and industry growth priorities.


Facts and stats

FDF Scotland is committed to reporting regularly on the Scottish food and drink manufacturing industry’s performance, and highlighting our members’ successes to our key stakeholders, government, industry and the media. Learn more about our sector’s achievements and the most up-to-date industry data.

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Business Confidence

The FDF’s quarterly Business Confidence Survey, launched in early 2018, showcases business sentiment over time and highlights the key opportunities and risks facing food and drink manufacturing businesses across the UK.

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Food and drink sector research

The FDF publishes various reports across a wide range of policy areas highlighting the achievements, performance, and challenges facing our industry and the wider food and drink supply chain.


Export statistics

The FDF publishes quarterly export statistical reports, outlining the latest UK food and drink export figures. As the sector focuses on growing exports, the FDF showcases the success of our industry via case studies.

Report: Eating into household budgets: the Government’s recipe for food price inflation

20 July 2021

This report looks at the impact UK Government policies will have on food prices for both our food and drink manufacturing businesses and our household shopping baskets across the UK.

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Report: A recipe for growth, prosperity and sustainability

06 May 2020

This is our shared plan for governments to work in partnership with the UK’s food and drink industry to ensure it continues to lead the world and meet the needs of UK consumers and shoppers.

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Prices Dashboard - Mar 2022

The Prices Dashboard tracks prices of UK food and non-alcoholic drink, as well as prices of agricultural commodities, energy, transportation and packaging.

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Food prices are rising as UK inflation hits 40-year high

Food and non-alcoholic drink inflation picked up speed for the ninth consecutive month, reaching its highest level since June 2011. April’s food and non-alcoholic drink prices rose on an annual basis by 6.7%, up from 5.9% in March.

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