The food and drink manufacturing sector has a presence in every UK nation and region. Our 10,990 businesses, and 440,000 employees can be found in nearly every constituency across the country, making the sector a truly diverse one.

To highlight the geographical spread of the industry, the FDF produces regional analysis of key economic indicators including: the sector’s economic contribution in each region, how many people we employ, average wages and trade statistics.

FDF supports its members by collating relevant data on the food and drink industry in an accessible form. This work allows us to reinforce the economic impact that food and drink manufacturing has nationwide, and provide an evidence base for policy recommendations.

Food and Drink Manufacturing across the UK

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The Welsh food and drink industry exported nearly £0.6bn in 2020. The nation employs 22,500 people within food and drink manufacturing, and is home to almost 5% of the industry’s businesses.

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The Scottish food and drink industry employs 46,000 people and generates nearly £5bn of added value annually. Scotland made up nearly 25% of UK food and drink exports, at a value of £5.3bn in 2020.