19 July 2023

10:00 - 11:00

Join Marsh industry experts for a webinar where we will discuss how shifts in the global climate will impact agricultural production.

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While in some cases, climate change may drive positive changes in agricultural production, in many, the climate will drive risks such as reduced agricultural yield and disruptions to supply chains. These changes are likely to, in turn, raise costs and prices, and disrupt corporate financial results.

This webinar will focus on chronic changes to climatic conditions and the long-term effects that these will have on agricultural production.

We will provide some key pointers to help organisations understand the actions needed to build resilience.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to assess the vulnerability of your key ingredient inputs
  • How to quantify the impact that climate change will have on the quality and yield of key ingredients over the coming years
  • What this means for organisations, and how organisations are futureproofing themselves against these risks


Kelvyn Sampson
Retail, Food, Beverage and Leisure Industry Leader, Marsh UK.
Kelvyn leads the UK Retail, Food, Beverage and Leisure practice focused on delivering value to colleagues and clients. Kelvyn is a highly respected specialist in supporting clients in turning the industry-specific risks they face into future opportunities for prosperity and growth

Edmund Woolcock
Managing Consultant, Climate Resilience & Strategy, Marsh UK.
Ed leads the team’s work advising clients on ESG risk and strategyand supporting clients in managing ESG-related issues around data and monitoring, target setting, and regulatory reporting.

Álvaro Arana
Managing Consultant, Climate Resilience & Strategy, Marsh UK.
Álvaro is a management consultant within the Climate and Strategy practice. Álvaro has experience in modelling the risks and opportunities of climate change on the supply chain of food and beverage companies.
He is a CFA and CFA ESG charterholder.