Has your company made a significant contribution to improve the health of its customers?

This award is aimed at projects that have focused on:

  • Product reformulation; changing recipes to help people achieve dietary goals*, for example by reducing salt, fat and sugar content or increasing fibre or vegetable composition.
  • Portion sizes; offering a range of smaller or more adaptable products to encourage appropriate consumption.
  • Creating new products; helping people achieve dietary goals* by NPD which focuses on improved nutrition for the targeted eating occasion.

The category is open to all sizes of companies and achievement will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The aim of the project. What did the project set out to do; what dietary need was it trying to tackle?
  • The development process. Whether it is an original concept or extension of existing work, the judges need to see the steps from concept to final project delivery.
  • What was the biggest challenge, how was it overcome and what learnings were taken from it?
  • The reach of the project. Each submission should clearly show the audience reached and how the change benefits the consumer.

*This award is aimed at recognising where companies are helping their customers achieve dietary goals by changing products or introducing new products. Judges will be considering the UK dietary guidance for both nutrients (e.g. salt, sugars, saturated fat, energy, fibre) or foods (fruit & vegetables, oily fish).

Please note foods that are designed to help consumers with specific medical/dietary conditions, e.g. gluten free, or that help a lifestyle choice, e.g. vegan will not be considered unless the products are also designed to have an improved nutrition profile. It is also important to be able to demonstrate compliance with relevant food legislation (e.g. nutrition and health claims legislation). 

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Case Study

Diet and Health award 2023

Across 2022, Nomad Foods sought to help ‘bridge the gap’ between fibre intakes and the UK dietary recommendation through product innovation and renovation.

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Diet and Health 2022 - Garden Gourmet

Nestlé has been working hard to develop a range of plant-based products that appeal to all consumers, from flexitarians through to vegans.

FDF Awards: Diet and Health 2021 - Eurest (Compass Group UK & I)

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Diet and Health 2021 - Eurest (Compass Group UK & I)

In a year that has placed unprecedented strain on our working lives, Eurest has risen to the challenge of feeding the keyworkers who have kept the nation running. 

Aunt Bessie’s

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Diet and Health 2020

Creating healthier products to help empower more positive choices by consumers is at the heart of the Aunt Bessie’s business.

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Diet and Health 2019 (Kellogg's)

Kellogg's – Kellogg's Coco Pops Sugar Reduction. Kellogg's Coco Pops is one of the best-selling cereals in the UK but has often been criticised as having a high sugar content.

Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Case Study

Diet and Health 2019

Kerry Taste & Nutrition have a range of innovative technologies that enables them to make foods healthier and more nutritious without compromising on the taste consumers love.


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Diet and Health 2018

apetito - Mini Meals Extra

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