Save Water, Save Energy – and lower your environmental impacts

Our technical water experts have helped organisations of different sizes find the opportunities to cut water waste, running costs and risks to operations, along with improve effluent efficiencies. Installing hundreds of data loggers, on single and multiple locations, are helping sites gain greater tracking on water and identify savings, including energy.

We’re Water Plus - a 9 times Green Apple Environment Award winner, including Water Management and Carbon Reduction in 2023 and Global Gold for Water Management in the Green World Awards 2023, and the largest water retailer in the UK. We’re committed to minimising our impact on the planet – along with helping our customers do this too.

We’ve previously been a sponsor of the FDF Awards in 2023 and 2022, to help raise awareness on the important role water can have for the food and drink industry - and we’re doing more on this in 2024. Water Plus has also shared its expertise around effluent, including site reviews in 2023 - and can advise on treatment options to reduce discharge costs and carbon emissions.

In March 2023, we won a UK Customer Satisfaction Award, for work involving water efficiency with organisations, plus two National Sustainability Awards in October 2022 – the only water retailer in the UK to do this. We’re also Finalists for two UK Customer Satisfaction Awards in 2024.

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Awards categories

 Apprenticeships awards

Apprentice of the Year

Do you employ a brilliant apprentice in your food and drink manufacturing company? Have you got an exceptional young talent among your teams?

Brand Launch of the Year 2021

Brand Launch of the Year

Have you launched an exciting new brand, whether a single product or a range? Or is your business strengthening an existing brand or rebranding an existing range?

FDF Awards campaign of the year 2021

Campaign of the Year

This category is for in-house or agency teams to enter campaigns centring on sales, driving behaviour change, launches, research or increasing awareness.

FDF Awards community partner 2021

Community Partner

Are you making a difference in your community? We are looking for companies that have carried out outstanding work with their chosen community and made a positive difference.

Diet and health 2021

Diet and Health

This award is aimed at recognising where companies are helping their customers achieve dietary goals by changing products or introducing new products.

FDF Awards Education Initiative 2019

Education Initiative

Does your company work positively with schools and colleges to encourage interest in food and drink manufacturing or help facilitate employment opportunities for young people?

FDF Awards Emerging Business 2023

SME Emerging Business

Have you started your business and experienced a significant growth in the past few years? Are you proud to be a thriving UK food or drink SME?

FDF Awards Environmental leadership 2021

Environmental Leadership

Does your company have a leading environmental initiative?

Exporter of the Year 2021

Exporter of the Year

British food and drink has never been more popular and exports continue to be a key area for growth.

Inclusion and diversity

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Is your company taking strides to create an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace?

Food and Drink Engineer of the Year 2019

Food and Drink Engineer of the Year

Engineering skills are essential for our industry to grow and we want to recognise the people that will make this happen.

Food and drink scientist of the year 2019

Food and Drink Technologist / Scientist of the Year

Scientific developments help to give our industry its competitive edge and we are fortunate to have many talented scientists working within our sector.

FDF Awards HR initiative 2019

HR Initiative

Employee recruitment and retention is important to a successful company, so show us how your company is a great place to work.

content image

Manufacturing Transformation

Has your company developed a new manufacturing process or adopted technology that has led to significant business improvements?

net zero

Net Zero Initiative

This award is open to any business that is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and will award entities pushing the boundaries to reduce and/or eliminate emissions to the greatest extent possible.

FDF Awards innovation 2019

Product Innovation

Does your company carry out exceptional work, creating innovative new products?

content image

Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist of the Year

Nutritionists and dietitians support our food and drink industry in improving the health of the nation, and are crucial to innovative new product development.

FDF Awards Rising Star 2021

Rising Star

Open to entrants within their first five years in the industry at any academic and training level, the Rising Star category is for the people with the potential to go far.

Sustainable packaging 2021

Sustainable Packaging Initiative

This category looks at how food and drink producers have moved towards more sustainable packaging solutions particularly in respect of plastics.

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