Food and Drink Federation publishes February food and drink trade snapshot

26 April 2021

Following the publication of ONS trade data earlier this month for February 2021, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has produced its second Food and Drink Trade snapshot this year, looking at trade between the UK and EU for the month of February 2021.


Discussing the snapshot, Dominic Goudie, Head of International Trade at FDF, said:

“While UK food and drink exports to the EU have improved from a 76% fall in January, they are still down nearly 41% in February 2021. Exports to our biggest market, Ireland, have also dropped more than two thirds. UK businesses continue to struggle with inconsistent and incorrect demands at EU borders, and small businesses have been hardest hit due to the collapse of groupage distribution into the EU.

“New EU import requirements for composite products entered into force this week, adding even greater complexity, cost and uncertainty for UK exporters. It is essential that the EU-UK Partnership Council and its Trade Specialised Committees are convened to urgently address problems with the implementation of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement to ensure small businesses are not shut out of trade by this trade deal.”

UK-EU Food and Drink Trade Snapshot: February 2021

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