The Food and Drink Federation commits to the delivery of a working deposit return scheme (DRS)

07 November 2023

A report launched today brings together Parliament, business and academics to reflect on the challenge of the 2030 target to reduce emissions by 50 per cent and identify innovative ways we can green the nation.


We joined the British Soft Drinks Association and the Natural Source Water Association in supporting the introduction of a DRS. We believe this is a proven and cost-effective strategy to increase recycling, promote a circular economy and reduce litter, decreasing waste and cutting carbon emissions.

Research shows that a successful DRS scheme could reduce carbon emissions by nearly 4 million tonnes over 25 years – equal to 90,000 cars being taken off roads in the UK.

Together we are calling for firm commitment to a UK-wide DRS from the governments of all four nations, with alignment of scope across the UK and the relevant legislation put in place. Producers can then work with others to begin implementing the scheme.

A successful scheme will bring significant, long-term environmental and economic benefits to the UK. You can read more in an article published today in The House Magazine.