Food and Drink Federation response to the introduction of the Environment Bill

30 January 2020

FDF response to the introduction of the Environment Bill.


Helen Munday, FDF Chief Scientific Officer said:

“The Bill heralds a much-needed overhaul in environmental legislation, the first of its kind for over twenty years. As the UK's largest manufacturing sector, food and drink takes its environmental footprint seriously. The FDF's recent report shows the huge progress made since we first launched Ambition 2025.

“FDF member companies have made great strides in minimising packaging waste and carbon emissions, while protecting food safety and quality. Manufacturers have delivered a reduction in food waste of over 30% on a per capita basis since 2011 and halved their CO2 emissions since 1990, having reduced total emissions by 53.2%. Our industry has a shared ambition with government to tackle the issue of plastic in the environment and knows that more must be done to drive up recycling across all materials. We urge governments across the UK to ensure an integrated approach on the measures proposed in this Bill to boost the UK's recycling system. This should include bringing an end to inconsistent collections which are currently hampering much-needed investment in infrastructure.

“We are particularly encouraged by the proposal to establish a fully independent Office for Environmental Protection, and welcome the inclusion of climate change within its remit as part of government's commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The UK must be at the forefront of international efforts to produce more, from less, and with less impact.”