Write to your local MP – highlight the importance of mutual equivalence for organic products

29 September 2020

The FDF provides a template for writing to your MP.


Last month, the FDF joined more than 30 organisations in signing a letter to the UK's Chief Negotiator, Lord Frost, and The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rt Michael Gove MP, to raise awareness of the importance of securing mutual equivalence for organic products. UK organic certification bodies require EU equivalence recognition and without this, UK organic products will have to be sold in the EU as conventional and would subsequently lose its premium market value.

To keep momentum going, we are now asking you to write to your local MP using our letter template below. Writing to your MP will be extremely helpful to raise awareness of the issue with representatives in Westminster, ensuring that they are aware of the concerns businesses face in their constituency.

Here's how to write to your MP

  1. Find out who your MP is by visiting www.theyworkforyou.com. This is also a useful tool to understand more about your MP; what their views are, how they have voted in the past. By doing some research about your MP, you'll be able to tailor your letter and have more of an impact.
  2. Use suggested letter format – view our suggested letter template
  3. Add in details about you and your business (we have a section in the template signalling where to do this!).
  4. Send the email and copy in Julie.Byers@fdf.org.uk.
  5. If you are happy to, we would also appreciate it if you are able to take a snapshot of your letter and post on your company's social media channels using #SaveOrganics.