Trade negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council begin

22 June 2022

Our head of international trade Dominic Goudie gives his view following the Department of International Trade's announcement that negotiations for a trade deal with the Gulf Cooperation Council have been launched.


The FDF Head of International Trade Dominic Goudie said:

“We strongly welcome the launch of talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council, which presents substantial growth opportunities for our industry. The UK’s strength in quality branded production and new product development means there are strong untapped export opportunities, particularly for value-added food and drink. A trade deal that reduces both tariffs and the complexity of trade in goods will unlock significant opportunities for UK exporters and will benefit consumers across the Gulf.

"We think there are also strong opportunities for businesses in the UK and GCC Member States to collaborate on innovation and new product development. This can be facilitated through an ambitious innovation chapter, accompanied by strong provisions to protect and enforce valuable intellectual property, alongside an early warning system to ensure businesses receive sufficient advance notice of regulatory changes.”