Quorn's 35-year commitment to nutrition research

04 May 2023

Quorn Foods’ 35-year commitment to nutrition research and understanding the health benefits of mycoprotein continues to this day. In 2022, Quorn Foods supported a total of 14 PhD and two post-doctoral researchers and two new PhD studentships were initiated.


The fibre in Quorn’s mycoprotein has recently been shown to promote beneficial gut flora and reduce markers of colorectal cancer and a PhD student at Northumbria University is characterising the production of beneficial metabolites, such as short chain fatty acids, and the impacts of fibre digestion, on immunomodulatory responses in the gut. A second PhD student, at the University of Exeter will also characterise the effect of mycoprotein on weight loss and cardiometabolic risk factors. Many of the benefits of mycoprotein on cardiometabolic health are attributable to the fibre component of the mycelial cell wall.

Also in 2022, Quorn researchers published data that demonstrated Quorn consumers to consume more fibre and exhibit higher diet quality scores and markers of metabolic health, when compared with non-consumers.

In addition, Quorn Foods sponsored symposia at the Nutrition Society Summer Conference and the International Congress of Nutrition, highlighting mycoprotein’s nutritional properties (including fibre) and disseminating the latest mycoprotein nutrition science.