AB Mauri collaborates with academic experts

22 May 2023

AB Mauri are actively collaborating with academic experts in the field of fibre research, working together on initiatives aimed at enhancing our understanding of fibre’s impact on human health and the effects of food processing on fibre structure.


As part of their efforts, they are sponsoring a PhD project looking in depth at the digestion of resistant starches. As part of this programme, they welcomed a talented student for a three-month industry placement at their development centre. The exchange of knowledge between the student and the AB Mauri team was incredibly beneficial. She gained valuable insights into the dynamic food industry and its efforts to develop products that cater to the ever-changing needs and preferences of consumers. In return, the team benefited greatly from her extensive nutritional knowledge, and her guidance greatly improved their understanding of fibre analysis techniques.

In addition, AB Mauri are also proud members of two BBSRC-funded health and innovation hubs. These hubs serve as a platform that brings together industry and academia to drive the development of healthier diets and promote overall health in the nation.