Kellanova ‘Go with your gut’ campaign

23 May 2023

In May 2022, Kellanova ran the ‘Go with your Gut’ marketing campaign to engage with consumers and educate in a meaningful way on the topic of fibre. The campaign features Kellanova All-Bran Original, Kellanova All-Bran Golden Crunch and Kellanova Bran Flakes – iconic brands and foods which are instantly recognisable to the UK consumer and high in wheat bran fibre.


The campaign was initiated in several retailers and multiple media touchpoints were used to raise awareness of the high fibre messaging. Other communications designed to educate consumers on the benefits of fibre included:

  • Advertorials for in-store magazines, reaching over 1.7million consumers in one retailer alone
  • Paid social campaigns, reaching over 4million consumers
  • A digital campaign across social and video online and video on demand, reaching an audience of over 5million
  • An Influencer campaign highlighting the importance of gut health across multiple social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok reached over 9.6million people

For a third year, Kellanova partnered with The Guardian to develop educational content across online articles, print advertorial, audio and paid social. An additional new touchpoint this year, which was the inclusion of audio creative, amplified the content to a wider audience delivering over 400k audio impressions and exceeded benchmarks.

A unique culinary partnership with Tastemade as part of the campaign provided recipe inspiration to support the UK population in achieving their fibre needs. The activity included recipe video content across Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, educating people on the versatility of fibre. The partnership reached over 4.8million adults aged 20-55.