Nestle’s support of Health Eating Week

04 May 2023

The British Nutrition Foundation’s ’Healthy Eating Week’ is an annual event that Nestlé participates in. Last year, in head office and factory sites, there were several activities supporting ‘eating well for you and the planet’. This was a great opportunity to educate employees about healthy and balanced diets and encourage fibre consumption. 


The Nutrition Team held a ‘nutrition myth busting’ session and sampling of fibre containing products. Nestlé also teamed up with Nature’s Heart to give employees the chance to try the new Crunch range, a single portion providing a portion of vegetables and a source of protein and fibre.

Over the week there was also a recipe competition, to create the healthiest and most sustainable recipe. The winner went home with a hamper full of fresh fruit and veg!

Nestlé worked closely with the catering managers to increase fibre in the food offering across sites and has continued this since the event. Nestlé aims to ensure that at least half of carbohydrates served on the menu are brown, higher fibre options and at least a portion of vegetables accompanies every meal. In the head office sites there is free fruit available which supports increasing fibre intakes for employees.