Nomad Foods higher fibre innovations and renovations in 2022

04 May 2023

Despite many challenges throughout 2022 Nomad Foods managed to launch 6 new products and reformulated thirteen.


2022 was a challenging and highly volatile year, in which as a business, Nomad Foods had to continuously re-prioritise and battle various issues (inflation, raw materials shortages, etc.). Given these, the innovations weren’t as numerous as expected. However, Nomad Foods launched our Birds Eye Veggie Power range – 3 variants of delicious frozen mixes of vegetables and grains, all of which are a source of fibre (according to per 100g or per 100kcal criteria). They also launched 3 new Goodfella’s pizza variants, all of which provide at least 3g fibre per portion, and all of which are also non-HFSS.

Fibre increase has been one of the means through which they’ve renovated their Goodfella’s pizza portfolio to become non-HFSS. From a baseline 41% of the Goodfella’s pizza portfolio comprising non-HFSS choices in 2020, they will achieve 100% on shelf by June 2023. For both innovations and renovations, fibre was a key nutrient of focus – designing higher fibre pizzas and increasing fibre levels in pizzas. This work was shortlisted for an FDF Diet and Health Award in the 2022 FDF Awards.

Overall, based on full year 2022 sales volumes, our 6 key innovations launched across 2022 delivered 1,759,495 additional 3g portions of fibre onto the nation’s plates.