Graze progress in 2022

22 May 2023

Over the course of 2022, Graze has launched 10 products which have a high fibre content. This includes creation of a range of Gluten Free cereal bars located in the Free From space in stores. With the cereal bars being high in fibre and also gluten free this opens more opportunities for consumers to enjoy more fibre, in a new area of store for graze.



Graze has also launched three of their best loved savoury crunch snacks that are high in fibre into a new pack format (52g grab bag). These are now being sold in pubs as a healthier alternative to snacks that are traditionally sold in that space. These products have at least double the fibre content per 100g compared to traditional crisps.

Graze is taking action to bridge the gap across all a variety of different ways, including launching four new products into their Direct to Consumer Subscription service all of which are high in fibre including a seasonal special mince pie flapjack. This is product was developed with wholegrain oats and chicory root fibre which resulted in it being 45% less sugar and more than 6 x the fibre of the average mince pie (figures compared per 100g against 8 own label and branded traditional mince pies).

In 2021 Graze launched an impact report full of their exciting plans and important challenges they have taken on to improve their role in the world. This included highlighting their pledges on fibre. 

To top it off, throughout the year Graze found fun and interactive ways to engage their consumers on the topic of fibre, including social media to get consumers thinking about the importance of fibre for our health. The post had 3,515 reaches, 40 likes and various comments.