Quorn’s activity to support employees to bridge the gap

04 May 2023

At Quorn Foods, we encourage our colleagues to up their fibre intake. Over the course of 2022, on the company intranet, four separate posts focusing on fibre were shared.


We post blogs and nutrition related summaries to help colleagues learn and focus more on nutrition and wellbeing. This included a feature on fibre in ‘Fibre February’ which included a fibre meal planner (which was also printed for colleagues to take home: feedback on the resource was fantastic) and outreach on fibre during the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week. The fibre focus meal is a resource that was produced by both the Nutrition and Culinary teams as a means of showing colleagues how easy it is to achieve a high fibre intake with some tweaks to everyday meals.

Additionally, in recognition of Quorn Foods role as a supporting partner of the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering plan (UCLP), alongside founding partners, HEART UK and Alpro, we shared three intranet communications during National Cholesterol Month, highlighting the benefits of diets high in fibre and low in saturated fat, for cholesterol management and heart health, as well as their new factsheet on ‘proteins and the UCLP’ which incorporated protein and fibre-rich, non-animal proteins.