Quorn’s new higher fibre recipe collection

04 May 2023

Discover how Quorn has introduced a dedicated filter and collection for high-fibre recipes on their website.


In 2022, Quorn UK developed and included 15 new high-fibre recipes. These include Quorn Sausage Tuscan bean stew, teriyaki style Quorn vegetarian steak strips with egg fried rice, crispy harissa Quorn vegetarian mince with squash hummus and a vegetarian burrito bowl with Quorn Fillet and black beans.

Thir definition of a high-fibre recipe is one which provides at least 9g fibre (equivalent to one third of the reference intake for fibre). The fibre content of these 15 high-fibre recipes range from 9.1g to 24.0g fibre per portion. The meat-free producer also added a dedicated filter and collection for high-fibre recipes in the recipe collection on their website. 

During National Cholesterol Month, they also became a supporting partner of the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering plan, supporting founding partners, HEART UK and Alpro. Quorn produced seven new recipes to support cholesterol management, all of which were high in fibre, and had green traffic lights for saturated fat and sodium and provided 12g fibre or more per serve. Example recipes included family favourites such as Quorn Tikka Masala and a Quorn Mince Burrito.