21 Seeds & Grains Thin Bagels

16 April 2024

Warburtons committed to launch new products to market in 2023 that will provide a ‘source of’ or ‘high in’ fibre claim.


Following continued long-term growth in its Thin Bagels range, growing popularity of Seeded products, demonstrated by the successful launch of its Big 21 Seeds and Grains Loaf in 2022, Warburtons recognised the opportunity to introduce a new variety of Thin Bagel to the bakery market. In early 2023, Warburtons launched its 21 Seeds & Grains Thin Bagels – to offer consumers a new exciting product, which importantly is a source of fibre.

case study 1 filled bagel image.jpgThe new product has proven to be popular amongst consumers and provides a great tasting sandwich alternative due to its unique blend of 21 seeds and grains which includes Oats, Barley, Einkorn, Emmer, Buckwheat, Spelt, Quinoa, Pumpkin, Chia, Golden Linseed and many more. The Thin Bagels are ready sliced for convenience and make great toast and sandwiches.

As part of its efforts to ensure products that have a source of fibre in are more readily available to consumers, these Thin Bagels each contain 7% of a consumers RDA of Fibre. The ‘source of fibre’ claim has been included as a flash on front of pack to highlight the nutritional credentials to consumers.

The product has been included in various influencer gifting campaigns and organic social media activity when launched. It has also been supported in store as part of our broader focus on Thin Bagels and the Bakery Occasions category. The products are now listed across major retailers.