AB Mauri’s efforts to bridge the fibre gap

16 April 2024

AB Mauri have continued to play a pivotal role in bridging the fibre gap through various initiatives as part of their 2023 Action on Fibre pledges. They have collaborated with academics, engaged with customers and suppliers, and disseminated the fibre message through internal and external communication channels. This multifaceted approach reflects the dedication to promoting a healthier and more informed community.


AB Mauri is dedicated to enhancing the presence of high-fibre products that are acceptable to consumers on the shelves, both presently and in the future. They actively invest time and resource into the latest available technology and ongoing research, underscoring their commitment to elevating the accessibility of high-fibre ingredients.

AB Mauri proactively engages with customers by introducing innovative fibre-based concepts and offering technology solutions, guaranteeing their effectiveness in the final baked product. When developing with high-fibre ingredients consumer acceptance is key, therefore final product attributes must be a priority.

In 2023, AB Mauri achieved a significant milestone with the first sale of a key ingredient, BARLEYmax, central to their fibre strategy. This barley grain was the outcome of research conducted 25 years ago, underscoring the significance of ongoing research and development efforts. With 50% more fibre than conventional grains, BARLEYmax allows for lower usage levels in products, preserving UK consumer acceptance while still attaining a high fibre content in the final product.

Whilst continuing to support the research projects initiated in 2022, AB Mauri extended its commitment by supporting three new academic projects in 2023, each dedicated to advancing research in the field of fibre. By engaging with experts, AB Mauri not only stays at the forefront of scientific developments but also contributes valuable industry insights helping to target relevant research which can be translated directly into food technology. This structured approach ensures continual progress for the food industry.