Allinson’s Fruit Loaves

16 April 2024

Two new launches from Allinson’s


Allinson’s heritage dates back to 1892 when medic Thomas Allinson - who had long-promoted the benefits of wholemeal bread - opened his own flour mill, giving local bakers greater access to fibre-rich whole grain flour. Today, Allinson’s best-known loaves - Champion Wholemeal and Scandalous Seeds – are loyal to these values, so when deciding to branch out into fruit loaves in 2023 it was important for the brand to preserve the credentials of great taste and providing a source of fibre.

Allinson’s bakers carefully crafted two new recipes, blending wheat flour, fruit and wheat fibre to ensure that a source of fibre claim could be made. Those new recipes are Allinson's Fantastic Fruit Loaf with Sultanas, Raisins, Cranberries & Vostizza Currants and Allinson's Fabulous Fruit Loaf with Lemon & Poppy. As well as being a source of fibre, both loaves are non-HFSS.

We’re delighted that consumer reviews have tended to focus on how delicious the loaves are – something that tells us that we’ve managed to incorporate fibre into the recipes without compromising taste or experience.