Championing Fibre February

16 April 2024

For their second year supporting Fibre February, in addition to engaging all colleagues across Europe virtually with fibre messaging and engaging UK consumers through digital platforms, Nomad Foods also sought to include Goodfella’s pizzas in their Fibre February messaging – owing to the increase in fibre across the range as part of a project to achieve 100% non-HFSS status- and to engage UK and Ireland colleagues through a series of in person experiential events.


Building on learnings from supporting Fibre February in 2022, the Nomad Foods Nutrition team co-ordinated a series of initiatives and events. These included:

  • creating a new bespoke Fibre February logo to apply across all Nomad Foods content related to the month
  • crafting and sharing new Goodfella’s ‘other ½ plate’ recipes -Goodfella’s pizzas have a ½ pizza portion size, hence this provided an opportunity to inspire consumers as to what the fill the other half of a plate with to maximise fibre
  • releasing two company-wide digital newsletters, building awareness of Fibre February and landing educational content with reference to Nomad Foods products
  • sharing content across Birds Eye, Aunt Bessie’s and Goodfella’s social media channels, including educational messaging, new high fibre recipes, and ‘Fibre Hero’ product spotlights
  • running experiential events across all key UK and Ireland Nomad Foods office and factory sites, reaching hundreds of colleagues. These events comprised a ‘Fibre-licious’ lunch (including higher fibre Goodfella’s pizzas, and ‘the other ½ plate’ dishes as sides) and live hosted fibre quiz. All sites also had a ‘Fibre Hub’ area erected for the entire month, which was accessible to all colleagues and included a library of fibre educational materials and higher fibre recipes

Overall, Fibre February initiatives engaged thousands of Nomad Foods colleagues and hundreds of thousands of their consumers. Nomad Foods look forward to supporting Fibre February annually to continue to raise awareness of this important health month.