Kellogg’s – Coco Pops Mega Pops

16 April 2024

Kellanova extends its popular Kellogg’s Coco Pops range to include a high in fibre variant


In July 2023, Kellanova launched Kellogg’s Coco Pops Mega Pops into the UK as part of an extension of the Coco Pops range.

As part of our overall Wellbeing Strategy to ensure that all kids cereals are non-HFSS (innovation and renovation); the fibre content for this product was increased from

3.8g/100g to 8.3g/100g (alongside other adjustments, such as reducing sugar and lowering salt).

Mega Pops was listed in all the major supermarkets when it launched and has so far delivered over 6.6 million servings of fibre (assuming 3g fibre/100g is a serving).

Mega Pops was 1 of 4 different product cereal product renovations launched in 2023. Collectively, these projects took over 2 years; involved 300 different recipe variations, 40 pilot plant trials, 16 large scale production trials and more than 30 rounds of sensory and consumer testing before being brought to market.