Kingsmill 50/50

16 April 2024

Sponsoring ITV’s Family Fortunes


As part of their Action on Fibre pledge, the team at Kingsmill have been working to ensure that fibre messaging is a key part of their communications plan.

Kingsmill 50/50 is the best-selling loaf in the healthier white category, and it remains a popular choice for families looking to find a compromise between those who love the taste of white bread and those who want to include whole grains and fibre in their diet. Made from a blend of 50% white flour and 50% wholemeal flour it has the taste and softness of white bread but with hidden whole grains.

The main brand activity for Kingsmill in 2023 was its sponsorship of ITVs Family Fortunes, reaching more than 15 million consumers across live TV, catch-up TV and YouTube. The creative was dedicated exclusively to Kingsmill 50/50, and although sponsorship regulations mean that product claims cannot be made, they were able to showcase 50/50 being enjoyed by the whole family in a number of different meal occasions.