No Added Sugar Granola Launch

16 April 2024


In summer 2023 Jordans launched two ‘No Added Sugar’ granolas: Triple Nut, and Apple & Berry. Both recipes are high in fibre: Triple Nut contains 17.3g fibre per 100g and Apple & Berry contains 17.8g fibre per 100g.

The aim of this product launch was to provide healthier choices to consumers, offering a range of granola without any added sugar, whilst delivering the same sweetness and enjoyment of eating a standard full sugar cereal product. Like the rest of the Jordans Granola range, it was also important that these recipes don’t contain any added salt.

Chicory root fibre was primarily included as an ingredient due to its thick sticky consistency, providing similar functionality to sugar, helping to bind the oats to form the granola clusters. As well as helping to bind the clusters, the chicory root fibre also provided a crunchy baked texture and mild sweet flavour without the high sugar content. Sultanas were also added into each variant to add a natural sweetness and chewy texture. The additional benefit of using chicory root fibre is that it is high in fibre, helping to further raise the fibre content of the finished product.

Available from Waitrose, Asda, Ocado, Amazon and soon to be in Tesco.

The new products will also be supported in 2024 with broadcast advertising reaching 29m people.