Premier Foods progress towards Action on Fibre pledges

16 April 2024

In 2023 Premier Foods delivered 29 new products into market by recipe which classified as either a source of fibre, as high in fibre or which delivered a source of fibre per portion. This far exceeded its commitment to Action on Fibre to launch 15 new products meeting these criteria into market each year.


In 2023 Premier Foods far exceeded its pledge to Action on Fibre of bringing 15 new products to market each year that are either a source of fibre, are high in fibre or which deliver a source of fibre per portion. Over the course of 12 months, Premier Foods successfully launched 54 products into market that met these criteria, of which 29 were new recipes and 25 were new pack formats or pack takeovers. Collectively, these 54 products contributed 72.3 tonnes of fibre into the UK diet in 2023.

Since the launch of Action on Fibre in 2022, Premier Foods has launched a total of 116 products in market that meet the campaign criteria, adding a total of 220 tonnes of fibre to the UK diet in 2023 alone.

Premier Foods continues to invest in future fibre innovation, delivering cross-functional fibre training to influence its innovation pipeline. In 2024, its aim is to bring at least fifteen new products to market that meet the Action on Fibre criteria.